Project background

Algorythmics is a project started at the Sapientia EMTE university, which helps to learn algorithms with the help of dances. At the start of the project, no graphic elements or design were available, so I had to design the entire identity from logo, colors, movement, and UI, keeping in mind the client’s requests and wishes.

My role

Graphic designer, UI/UX designer, Logo designer, Motion graphics designer

The problem

The students did not have a single, clean and consistent interface where they could easily access the sections and videos about different algorithms, which resulted in a lot of time loss, searches and extra work.

The goal

The identity, the website, the user interface and experience, and the various graphic elements should be able to speak to the user by themselves and be connected to the algorithm they want to represent. In addition, I had to strive to create a timeless design that could be inviting for students even 10 years from now. I also had to keep in mind accessibility issues, becuase we were targeting also disabled students to make them easier the learning curve of the algorithms.

Project duration

4 months

Accessibility considerations

I made sure that the text had the right size and contrast, so that even the visually impaired could read it easily, and we also gave the possibility to zoom. In addition, we designed the page listing the algorithms in such a way that screen readers can easily read it, so that those who for some reason cannot see or cannot read can also enjoy the joy of learning.

Tools used