Project background

Essential Oils is an online store that sells essential oils, which needed a logo, responsive UI and proper UX, as there are a lot of categories and products on the site. The client took the task very seriously, they came with a lot of their own ideas, which we transformed with a professional eye to enhance the experience of clients, users and the company.

My role

Graphic designer, UI/UX designer, Logo designer

The problem

The problem was caused by the placement of the many categories in such a way that it would not be burdensome for the users, would be easy for the developers to improve, and would be easy to find and use, despite the fact that they wanted to receive the logo in the most realistic form possible, so there are certain elements that do not necessarily have to be part of a logo.

The goal

Create a transparent, easy-to-use, user-friendly website, a memorable logo and serve the client’s requests.

Project duration

3 months

Accessibility considerations

Taking font size and contrast into account, adding backgrounds for better readbility, checking button size, using alt texts for photos for better SEO and accessibility, using webshop best practices to achieve the effect of Jakob’s Law.

Tools used