UI/UX redesign


Project background

The task was to redesign the already existing website in a friendlier and less compact style.

My role

UI/UX designer

The problem

They had a great website, good UX and good UI, modern, visually appealing, but they wanted a more friendly version, so I designed one. Using liquids, circles, people standing out from elements. Showing better their testimonials, social proof and evidence by showing the customers they have worked with. Also I improved the navigation. At the end adding a contact us form, which is more likely to convert, beacuse visitors can contact the company directly from their website. Also, there are several other options if the mail is not the best choice for them.

The goal

Create an easy-to-navigate, fast and aesthetic site which is friendly and easy to use.

Project duration

1 day

Design changes

Rounded corners, blobs, better carousel, hero image pointing to CTA, friendlier secondary CTA, emphasied testimonials, social trust, graphic design elements which make the UI friendlier, dedicated section for professionals, dedicated section for case studies, contact us section

Accessibility considerations

Taking font size and contrast into account, checking button size, using alt texts.

Tools used