Cubidixinst logo

Logo design


Project background

Cubidixinst is a plumbing company that wanted to innovate their identity, so they reached out to me to create a logo for them. You should know that the logo shown here is not the final one, but it was the one that worked best for me. Sometimes the client’s needs and the designer’s knowledge and experience do not match.

My role

Graphic designer, Logo designer

The problem

The problem was mostly finding the direction, because in the first round the client didn’t have any ideas, and only after showing the primary designs did he realize what he wanted, which was completely different from what is shown here. It included too many elements, not suitable for a professional logo, but he was adamant, so we made a compromise, and I created for him what he wanted, while I use this logo in my portfolio.

The goal

Creating a logo that is modern and properly reflects the identity of a plumbing company, and can also be properly scaled.

Project duration

3 weeks

Tools used