Kecer Joinery Enterprise

Logo, Responsive UI, cover photo and icon design


Project background

Kecer is a company selling wooden products, mostly window and door frames, whose goal was to gain an online presence with the help of a website and Facebook page.

My role

Graphic designer, UI/UX designer, Logo designer

The problem

We ran into difficulties right at the beginning of the project, because we had to build the site without photos, the gallery and the elements made by the company were only added later, so we had to work blindly, create a lot of elements from scratch, and listen to the client’s requests.

The goal

Creating an easy-to-navigate, responsive and transparent website that perfectly conveys the feeling of wood when clients look at the works created by Kecer.

Project duration

2 months

Accessibility considerations

Taking font size and contrast into account, adding backgrounds for better readbility, checking button size, using alt texts for photos for better SEO and accessibility.

Tools used