Logo, Responsive UI, Motion Graphics design


Project background

Leadiu is a small web design company of which I was one of the founding members. When designing the site, we paid attention to create clean code, a polished interface and a simple navigation for users and clients that sells itself. Unfortunately, the project ended after half a year due to lack of time and capital.

My role

Graphic designer, UI/UX designer, Logo designer, Motion graphics designer

The problem

The problem was that, struggling with a lack of capital and time, we needed a website that spoke for itself as soon as possible, so we paid special attention to the details even during development, because as a new company we had no work to show, so the website itself had to sell itself.

The goal

The goal was to create a website that is aesthetic, understandable, easy to use, useful, sustainable, feasible and sells itself to clients. In addition, it had to be brought into harmony with the design elements, colors, logo, typography and made easily accessible to everyone.

Project duration

2 months

Accessibility considerations

We made sure that the text-background has the right contrast, that it is possible to zoom, that the photos have alt text and that the buttons are large enough to be pressed easily even by people who have difficulty using their fingers.

Tools used