UI and UX redesign, Google Banners


Project background

Mendi was a university pitch project, in which we had to design a website and advertising for a start-up business with a marketing eye. Mendi already had a website, but it struggled with some problems from a UI/UX point of view.

My role

Graphic designer, UI/UX designer

The problem

The page had too many distracting factors, and the sections were not separated enough, and we had to pay attention to correct the contrast errors caused by the sliding of the elements on top of each other.

The goal

To create a page and a set of advertisements for which we receive the best grade. Just kidding! The goal was to make Mendi’s original site better by simplifying its look and the message it wanted to convey while paying attention to accessibility and consistency, as well as being fully responsive.

Project duration

2 months

Design changes

Changed header section and photo, changed CTA, layout changes, better section arrangement, better responsive design.

Accessibility considerations

Taking font size and contrast into account, adding backgrounds for better readbility, checking button size, using alt texts for photos for better SEO and accessibility.

Tools used