Freshman’s ball of Târgu Mureş Reformed College – 2019

Poster, Social Media, Tickets and Identity


Project background

It was a graphic design project in which I was asked to design posters, tickets, event covers and smaller visual elements. The theme of the ball was Netflix, so the mood, colors, and some of the elements were given, it just had to be adapted to what the organizers envisioned.

My role

Graphic designer.

The problem

The problem was limited time and the lack of elements, but the topic was given, which helped the organizers, like me, to create the right image. In less than a week.

The goal

The goal was to create a clean design, using real elements that we identify with filming, Netflix, comfort, so that it follows a modern line and remains attractive.

Project duration

The time was essential here, since I had only a week to come up with the designs, so the whole project duration was a very productive week.

Tools used