Say Cheese Photo

Responsive UI and UX design, multilingual e-commerce store and presentation site


Project background

Say Cheese Photo is a photography company that also makes personalized items, so it needed not only a presentation website on which it could present its services and photos, but also a webshop on which it could value the personalized gifts. In addition, you also need Facebook and Instagram marketing, and the design of the webshop itself was basically done by connecting Meta Pixel and the Business center, keeping in mind the best practices.

My role

Graphic designer, UI/UX designer, Social Media Manager

The problem

The problem was that the page previously created for Say Cheese Photo by another designer and developer was not transparent, easy to use and properly responsive, so with the new appearance, the use of branding colors and elements, and a new layout, we wanted to eliminate all UX and UI errors.

The goal

Create a transparent, easy-to-use, user-friendly website, and a webshop best for conversions and sells.

Project duration

3 months

Accessibility considerations

Taking font size and contrast into account, adding backgrounds for better readbility, checking button size, using alt texts for photos for better SEO and accessibility, using webshop best practices to achieve the effect of Jakob’s Law.

Tools used