T&S Custom Vinyl

Logo and High Quality Sticker Design


Project background

T&S Custom Vinyl is a small business based in Great Britain that produces stickers for motorbikes in all sizes and designs. We found each other through a mutual preson, and we have been working together since 2018, we can also say that they were my first big client, and the joint working relationship has remained ever since.

My role

Graphic designer, Logo designer

The problem

The problem usually occurs with each order, because the client always comes with his own measurements, and most of the time he doesn’t have any idea in mind, only the color of his motorcycle. In such cases, we run several design rounds until we manage to implement what the client agrees on. The creation of the logo itself was not a particularly big problem, as the client stated that it was important for him that a certain element be included in the logo, and he left the rest to me to build.

The goal

To create timeless, engaging, attention-grabbing designs that are proudly worn on motorcycles in many parts of the world.

Project duration

4 years and still ongoing

Tools used