Below you can read some feedback from clients about our cooperation, joint work, quality and speed of work.

"In Nimród I could get to know a very kind, imaginative, reliable and creative person and designer. It was a pleasure to work with him, he gave a lot of good ideas and we were able to talk openly about the plans, and thanks for him a wonderful product was made. The workflow was fluent, accurate, precise, the result of wich had excellent quality. I am very happy I was able to work with him and I would hire him again with trust with any new projects!"
Young lady
Osztián Pálma-Rozália
"I enjoyed working with Nimród! We colaborated on a mobile application project. He helped me by creating very esthetic logo and icons. He worked fast, and in a very agile way. He was open to my ideas, and implemented my suggestions without no problem. Though, he also had some great recommendations of his own. I'm sure that I will request his help in the future as well if needed. I recommend him! Nimród is a great designer, and one can easily work together with him!"
Young lady
Nagy Jáhel Eszter
"Imaginative, unique and precise. It was really good to work with a person, who was able to form plans from ideas, new conceptions from standards. In terms of dates he is precise, in terms of elaboration he is thorough. It was a pleasure working together in the organizer team of PontKom."
Young lady
Csáki Csilla
"The result was quick and corresponded to my ideas, which I will use proudly during my work."
Halász Réka - Gyöngyvirágos Folkműhely
"We have a ver effective collaboration with Nimród, he understood our needs and always delviers on time or ahead of time. I recommend with confidence."
T&S Custom Vinyl
"I really liked his service. He worked precisely and accurately, paying attention to all the details. He delivered in time and exceeded all expectations."
DJ Krixie
"I am satisfied with his work, there were no problems with the deadline, and if there were changes related to images he adapted, he did a very good job."

"In my opinion he worked very well, the press even highlighted that they rarely get such a nice print ready document."

"I think I can say on behalf of everyone, we are absolute satisfied with his demanding work."
Marosvásárhely Reformed College
"These are the words I could say about our work: helpfulness, quickness, accuracy, demanding, quality work and easy accommodation."
Pataki Zsolt - Photographer
"If I had to characterize Nimród in three words, I would say he is helpful, precise and douce. He understands my problem and thinks with me, he manages time well and recognizes the possibilities."
Fülöp Otília
"Nimrod's sense of aesthetics is extremely sophisticated, he works tastefully, the work together went smoothly. He soon realized my idea. He managed to put together a striking, unique, stylish logo, in record time, almost “drawing” the image in my head."
Koncz Bernadett Renáta - Owner of RenArt Clay
"I have had the pleasure of working with Nimród on several projects, and I must say that his work is exceptional. His creativity and attention to detail are truly remarkable.

One of the things I admire about Nimród is his ability to listen carefully to the client's needs and translate them into visually appealing designs. He has a keen eye for color, typography, and layout, and he knows how to use these elements to create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the client's expectations are met or exceeded. His positive attitude and excellent communication skills make working with him a joy."
Magyari Tímea
"I was an organiser of a law competition called "Jogász Esettanulmány-verseny" and Nimród made the whole design of the eveniment, included all the posts and the advertising materials. It was a real pleasure to work with him, Nimród helped us a lot, he was disponible all the time, including weekends and holidays, every time when we needed him and his help. The quality of his work is amazing, I can't say anything wrong about it. Nimród had not just respected the deadlines, he often finished the tasks days before them. Working with him is very flexible, even when we made a mistake with the organisers, Nimród reacted in minutes and was there for us to help correcting that mistakes. I enjoyed very much the work with him, I totally recommend, he is a very serious person. I hope we will have the opportunity in the future to work together again."
Szafta Andrea