Ponktom Communication Conference - 2020

Poster, Social Media and Identity


Project background

Pontkom is a communication conference that is organized every year by the third-year communication students of the Sapientia EMTE university. Since I was also a student in 2020, my year became the organizer, so I had the opportunity to deal with the identity. You should know that the identity is always created based on the color of the year, which was royal blue in 2020.

My role

Graphic designer, Design team lead

The problem

The challenge was that we wanted to design a new, modern and powerful identity, which represented a big change compared to previous years. We wanted to make it accessible to both young and old, so we had to pay attention to the contrast, the size of the elements and the way we disaplyed them.

The goal

Our goal was to create an identity that would change the image of the PontKom conference for the coming years and give a new direction to the designs made for PontKom, which are tasteful, professional, suitable for digital surfaces and printing, and also enjoyable and transformable.

Project duration

2 months

Tools used