Project background

For me, TEDx has always been an event and conference that has great power and significance, so it was a great honor that I was asked to be the designer of TEDx in Tîrgu Mureș in 2022, which meant a full stack designer position, because from UI/UX design to through digital and print design to video editing, my task was to create the visual image and communication. For this, I worked hand-in-hand with the team responsible for communication and social media presence, and I also helped the team responsible for building the website. The project itself was perhaps one of my biggest and longest-running projects, during which I faced a lot of difficulties and sudden changes as a designer, which we were able to successfully put behind us.

My role

Graphic designer, UI/UX designer, Video editor, Developer

The problem

We faced several problems, but since the theme and part of the image were given, we took the obstacles with ease. Perhaps the biggest problem was that we had different backgrounds, which is why we often didn’t understand each other the best, so it took time until the team could get along and work together easily, but despite the difficulties, we managed to do it.

The goal

Creating a cohesive, clean and modern visual identity that grabs and leads attention, and conveys the TEDx feel we wanted to achieve with the entire conference.

Project duration

6 months

Accessibility considerations

Taking font size and contrast into account, adding backgrounds for better readbility, checking button size, using alt texts for photos for better SEO and accessibility, using best practices to achieve the effect of Jakob’s Law, using Z pattern for screen readers, grouping elements to make the processing time faster.

Tools used